Aug 30, 2014

Dark Fairy Sassy

You will get the image and the SentiMint together for this one great price!
You will get both Jpeg and PNG versions of each. 
They are separate files that you can combine at your choosing or use separately

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All of our images are Jpeg files we chose to do this because it is usable by everyone in almost all programs, however we do know there may be a desire for PSD or PNG files. We will happily send you whatever file type you like to work with. Once you purchase your images you will get a download which will be a Jpeg We suggest you save this anyways. Then just drop us a little email letting us know what file type you would like to have and we will happily email it to you as well.If it turns out there is a very large desire for these files we will reconsider later and may change our system but for now we will start like this.